venerdì 24 giugno 2011

Android, day one (and an half)

So, I finally got my Android smartphone AND tablet. I've been toying with them for about a day now and I wanted to share some toughts and some thing I learned.

  • Don't plug Asus Transformer USB charger on your UPS, it didn't play well for me (bad smell, I tought it burned but it works fine on a wall plug)
  • Android doesn't connect to wifi network if the SSID contains spaces
  • Most Android devices doesn't work out-of-the-box on wifi channel 13 (this sucks)
  • Android is marketed as "open", but most "apps" on the market are closed source and the App Market model isnt open at all. Also, the "app" model isn't open.
  • Many web sites recognize mobile browsers. Sadly, most fail to check the screen resolution: what's the point in providing a mobile version on a 1280x800 pixel screen (tablet)?
  • Flash runs smooth. Better than on my desktop. Adobe, you fail badly.
  • Skype sucks also on mobile.
  • Problem is: GTalk sucks too. Maybe in ten years we all will be using GNU Free Call. But I want it now.

Updates will follow.

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